The management of Syllable Media Limited offer generous discounts to charity organisations, not for profit making, faith based organisations, societies and communities, especially minorities. It is our belief that there are so many organisations with good intentions and causes, but lack the medium to project their plans and aspirations to the public. In view of this challenge, many organisations’ management had either thrown in the towel or at the point of giving up.

We believe in good causes and this is why we are offering this generous discounts in web design, web hosting and management. We also extend this to publicity campaign and print publications.

Do not let lack of publicity “kill” your organisation’s vision.

We also offer fifty percent (50%) discounts on all our Search Engine Optimisation training courses. Your organisation may have a website, but have you asked yourself if the website you paid so much to design, host and manage is bringing in the necessary customer leads to you? Your website is the gateway to your fortune. A website may be beautifully designed but if it lacks the “ability” to be discovered, it serves no purpose at all.

We can take you and your staff through the maze of social engine optimisation at a fraction of the cost.

We also have discounted courses on Social Media Engagement for small based organisations.

If interested, please get in touch with us today at